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Stichting Nederland Schoon

Stiching Nederland Schoon is a Dutch foundation that helps to reduce litter within councils in The Netherlands by using eye-catching trash cans in public places, near supermarkets, on train and bus  stations, etc. Although they are already using a 200 liter bin, they asked us to think of a smaller version. Research shows that using the colour green people tend to throw more waste in the bin than by using another colour. The result: a green 60 liter waste bin made of steel, which is a must-have in every environment. The green colour and the distinctive message on the barrel ‘This is how we keep it clean’ encourages clean behaviour! Mission accomplished.


Sikkens always guarantees the highest quality. The assignment we received was to design and produce a multi-usable Point of Sale item that looks similar to the new paint cans and immediately attracts attention from customers. The result; a full colour wrap POS barrel, without beads and rubs, that can be used as a POS item and can also serve as a standing table. This allows the retailer to choose the functionality of the item.