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Our Story


How a joke can grow and become a serious company; BarrelQ is a perfect example of that. In 2013, TV-maker Onno Vos figured out that he wanted to do ‘something’ with oil barrels. ‘My father is active in the oil business and I encountered someone who turned oil barrels into barbecues. It seemed like a nice trade besides my TV work. I ordered a full truck and assembled it myself. In the first year I sold 250 pieces, the year after that 500, and the year after that I sold 5000 pieces.’


Onno started BarrelQ on his own but already in the first year, a willing investor presented himself. Huub Sparnaay saw an advertisement board of BarrelQ next to the highway and ordered a piece. He was so impressed after using the BarrelQ that he decided to send an email to Vos asking if he was looking for an investor. Sparnaay: ‘Then we decided to make a serious company out of it. I saw some points of improvements and had, besides the money, the required knowledge and skills to add value to the company.’ At that moment Gerben Bierbooms joined, whom Sparnaay already worked with in the past. Bierbooms: ‘I could add value on the online world and internationalization, that was the starting point’.


After the successful launch of the BarrelQ brand the three entrepreneurs decided to launch a 2nd more basic brand called Drumgrill. The Drumgrill barrels are sold via high volume retail and do it your self stores. They are also perfect for branding, thanks to their lower pricing and more basic design.


After the launch of Drumgrill, the delivery of barrels for the promotional market exploded. With our customization technique and production in the Netherlands, we are able to deliver fast, both low and high quantities at competitive pricing. During the years, this market became so big that we have extend our business with new products which we supply in 35 countries to a variety of A-brands. UBG Promotional B.V. is market leader in the production and distribution of commercial barrels. Next to that, we are specialized in branded summer products and we own a variety of production techniques to design and customize products in-house.

BarrelQ and Drumgrill are owned by a separate company, UBG Retail and together with UBG Promotionall owned by United Brands Group, the holding company the partners launched in 2017.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is that by the year 2025, we sell 1 million products that give people a smile.



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